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 bakers dog food

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PostSubject: bakers dog food    Sun May 12, 2013 5:29 pm

i feed my saint, yorkies and shih tzu bakers dog food but now im hearing loads of bad things about it what do you feed your dogs any help and advice gladly received Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: bakers dog food    Sun May 12, 2013 7:06 pm

I myself went thoroughly through what would be the best diet for my new puppy over a year ago, I asked owners, scoured the internet and forums.
I wanted to know why some food was three times more expensive than others and what made a good dog food.

Bakers contains lots of artificial colours, flavours and E numbers and is therefore cheap.

I cant believe they are allowed to sell it after looking into what it contains, same with other 'supermarket brands'.

This can be the start of a very big debate into which food is best.

I personally feed Arden Grange (Large breed),it is a dry food, contains everything it should (fresh meat, good oils, vitamins and minerals) and leaves out everything it should also (added salt/ sugar, additives and anything artificial). It is also very low in cereal which can be a precursor for bloat.

It costs me about £40 a month and is worth every penny, he truly thrives on it, fantastic coat, perfect weight and he never refuses a meal.
They also do a tinned wet food which can be used with/ without the dry food if you prefer. Nothing wrong with a bit of white fish or liver every now and again too Smile.

The extra health benefits, far outweigh the extra cost.
Hope this helps.
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PostSubject: Re: bakers dog food    Sun May 12, 2013 7:32 pm

E320 - has been found to be tumour-producing when fed to rats. In human studies it has been linked with urticaria, angioedema and asthma
E321 - banned for use in food in Japan, Romania, Sweden, and Australia. The US has barred it from being ...used in infant foods. So bad McDonalds have voluntarily eliminated it from their products.
E310 - Banned from children's foods in the US because it is thought to cause the blood disorder methemoglobinemia
E172 - Banned in Germany
E132 - Can cause skin sensitivity, a rash similar to nettle rash, itching,
nausea, high blood pressure and breathing problems. One of the colours that the Hyperactive Children's Support Group recommends be eliminated from the diet of children. Banned in Norway.
E102 - TARTRAZINE - A trial on 76 children diagnosed as hyperactive, showed that tartrazine provoked abnormal behaviour patterns in 79% of them
E110 - Sunset Yellow has been found to damage kidneys and adrenals when fed to laboratory rats. It has also been found to be carcinogenic when fed to animals
E104 - One of the colours that the Hyperactive Children's Support Group recommends be eliminated from the diet of children. Banned in Australia, Japan, Norway and the United States.
E171 - Banned in Germany
E153 - Banned as a food additive in the United States of America. Suspected as a carcinogenic agent.
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PostSubject: Re: bakers dog food    

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bakers dog food
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