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 smooth x smooth breedigns

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PostSubject: smooth x smooth breedigns   Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:15 pm

I have posted under health as well, but I figured breeding is probably more appropriate: Embarassed
Just want to get everybody's views on smooth x smooth breedings? Is there any advantages to this? Or is it better to do smooth x rough breedings?

Also: do you struggle more to sell smooths then roughs? As in SA people are not to keen on smooths, though I love them. Mostly people do rough x rough in this country, but I know you get a better coat by doing rough x smooth, every other generation (at least). But when, and why would you do smooth x smooth?

I have an option to get an imported smooth, and obviously I can use this stud on my rough and my smooth bitch, I'm just not convinced that a smooth x smooth breeding will have any benifits, and I'm concerned about selling a totally smooth litter.

Anybody with some advise?
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PostSubject: Re: smooth x smooth breedigns   Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:02 pm

I personally love a good smooth, we have alot of smooths and roughs in our kennel
We do smooth to smooth matings and we found that there is alot of people looking for smooth coats either for the show ring or from people who feel that by living in a really hot country the smooth coat would be better for them to have. And of course their is people looking to introduce smooths into their breeding programme. I personally feel that every breeder should have a smooth in their kennel or use a good smooth in their breeding.
Breeding smooth to smooth does not garantee that you will have smooth puppies in fact I know someone who has done this which resulted in all rough coats being born. It depends on whats behind the smooths that you are using.
Breeders will introduce a rough coat in to the breeding of smooth to smooths to keep the double coat, extremely important !
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smooth x smooth breedigns
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