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 Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes

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PostSubject: Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:49 am

Finally, here are some pictures of our two bernie's. Laughing





sorry bout how the pics are on this if you click on the pics you will see them, the hubby gonna try and get them rite the next time.
the big fella is lobbes, he is 4 this year, we got him last summer from a man who wanted a good home for him. he got him from a rescue shelter where the original owners fed him bread and potatoes, he was so severly mal nourished that he lost the sight in one eye and has a little vision in the other. when we got him he weighed 8 stone. now id say he is 9 - 12 stone somewhere. he still skinny but we have figured him out he seems to have a sensitive tummy cos he will only eat a cheap dry food for us and if we give him anything else he vomits it all back up. it takes him all day to eat a bowl of food. last week he ate his food and it all came back up, its as if he has bulimia lol.... so we got him another bag of cheap food yesterday to give him a change and see if his tummy likes it. but he is healthy and boy is he full of life. we are going to get him casterated soon cos hes never had a female and the last few weeks hes got really giddy, and i know he wont jump pout of badness but im pregnant and cant have him jump on me by mistake. also with my pup now shes a female so it will be time soon for his manhood to go.....

the pic of the little pup is sasha, she is 12 weeks old now i got as a mothers day pressie, we got her for 100 euro and thats because she has some problem with her eye sight and she seems to have two due claws on each paw on her back legs so im afraid theyll have to go cos they will cause her procblems as she gets older. yeah shes funny, she can see some things but when she runs into things it is funny.... we think she is long or short sighted cos when she looks at you she is always looking up with her eyes. and on pics as you can see her eyes shine blue. she got my 10 year olds homework of the kitchen table and ripped it to shreads so the excuse is true, miss the dog ate my homework....

and then we have a 1 year old male pug who wishes he was a bernie, sasha grabs him by the tail and swings him around the place so he scared out his skin he runs and hides under the kitchen presses. i will get the hubby to try put pics on during the week the rite way.

hope you like the pics
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PostSubject: Re: Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes   Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:05 pm

wow what too special dogs!

if only i had a dog in the days i had to do homework hehehehe

they are lovely!
cheri xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes   Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:13 am

Two lovely babes !!!!!! they are lucky to have met you and your family to take such good care of them.!!!!!!
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Shel Munro


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PostSubject: Re: Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes   Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:02 am

You have a beautiful family. I have also had visually challenged dogs (Newfs) - one was blind, and I have a girl now that only has one eye. The dogs seemed to adapt to their limited vision much better than I did - I was always worrying about them.
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PostSubject: Re: Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes   

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Photo's of Sasha & Lobbes
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