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 Ear Problem

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PostSubject: Ear Problem   Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:44 am

Hi All,

This morning I received a guestbook comment on the St Bernard Health & Welfare website which I have posted below.

If anyone has had similar troubles or could offer any help i am sure this lady would appreciate it,

From: dptersen@rogers.com

Our family adopted a 3 yr. old female St. Bernard from our local OSPCA in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. She had been a neglected, breeding dog who had already had 3 litters. That is sad in itself . She had no social skills and was very untrusting of people.She also came with dirty ears. We treated them under our vet's care. This problem had lasted for a year with various medications until the ear developed a tumor. It was removed a week ago and we are awaiting histopathology results. If it is positive for a malignant tumor - the main option given to us was to have her 'ear' removed. Has anyone gone through this? Are there any alternatives? Your site has been the only one that I've found that is truly in love with their St. Bernards. Tammy has become such a part of our family in the year that we've had her and I hope someone can offer us some advice. We do trust our vet - I used to work for him but I would appreciate any kind of input.
Dottie Petersen
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Ear Problem
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