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 whelping beds

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PostSubject: whelping beds   Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:28 pm

who uses what as a whelping bed?

anyone used a cardboard one you can buy from ebay etc

who uses rails along the edges?

who just uses a small space or corner of the room and who has made there own?

what size is it ?

for daisys litter i let her have the puppy room as it was with just wet the bed mats all over the floor( potty training pads for stopping the bed getting wet!) to help soak up some mess! i had a crate and heat lamp set up if needed and a stair gate on the door,

if i whelp very small dogs then i have a crate which has a side door and roof opens or a bed if they prefer eg a blanket folded up and a few towels which all goes in the bin- wouldnt even try washing it lol!

i use the general rule for bitches and crates that if they fit in i have to be able to fit my upper body in aswell eg be able to kneel and reach the bitch and pups

ive not got a wooden home made one as i think its cleaner and easier to decide what to use depending on the bitch and her size ( baring in mind i whelp other breeds)

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whelping beds
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