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PostSubject: Handrearing   Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:20 am

I just want to say that should anybody need advise on handraising a Saint litter I can be of assistance. I just had to handraise 10 beautifull puppies, afther they lost there mother due to birth complications.
I have raised them on Royal Canine's babypuppy milk, and even though the bottles that's given with the milk is totally unsuitable, the milk itself mixed well. The amounts given are just totally insufficient for Saints. But I have recorded everything, and amounts of milk etc.

Also the fact that the puppies don't gain weight as a mom-raised litter. They eventually catch up around 4 weeks once they start on solids.

But if ever someone needs assistance, I've just done the very tyring excersize, and will gladly assist any other person in the same situation.

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