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 Mixing two Brands of dry food

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PostSubject: Mixing two Brands of dry food   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:00 pm

Short Story: I am mixing Canidae All-Life Stages and Nutro Max due to the dogs developing gas after being on it Canidae for a month and the cost.

Long Story: I've been searching for the right food for my Saints. When I just had the one, I decided to feed him Solid Gold Wolf King (his parents owner's swore by it) up until he was 9 Months until I decided to get another one. Now Wolf King here runs about $60 for 28.5 lbs. That was fine but with two that's just too much money. So after searching I stumbled upon Canidae All-Life Stages Dog food. I found that it was better rated than the Wolf King and 2/3 cheaper at $50 for 44 lbs. I didn't find out that after I had fully switched and that I got the new pup, that Canidae was bought out bya bigger company 3 years ago and had changed the formula. People reported their dogs getting sick and so forth. I watched the 9 Month and the 8 week closely and they enjoyed the food and it didn't seem to bother them at all (ate same amount, stool was actually more solid and consistent). But after a month they started to have horrible gas. It was terrible and constant, I had to leave the room and turn on the fan sometimes. It was almost every 20 minutes. I thought maybe they just got an old batch or just something environmental. After 2 weeks i decided to take action. I wanted to change food but i just bought 2- 44 lbs bags (88 lbs all together!) So I started to changed to Nutro Max temporarily (I know its a barely average food). But as I started to get the mixture up to 50-50, the gas went away. And they seemed to enjoy the mixture. Their stool is consistent, there wasn't any gas from both ends, and they are very happy. I've been doing this for 2 Months now and now problem.
Also, they get one can of wet food once a week. They are inside dogs.

So I just wanted to get input on what people think and if anybody else has done this?

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PostSubject: Re: Mixing two Brands of dry food   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:25 pm

I don't know the foods, however I was told a few years back now by someone who has since died, never to mix dried foods, as he is dead I can't ask why But I think it was because it was more likely to cause bloat as the foods soaked up moisture and expand expanded at different rates trapping gas in several pockets..... There's also something good to be said about this however if one swells pretty big and quick....

I'm undecided if its a risk or not as its not something I've ever done... But worth a mention.

Also if your dogs have had runny poo at any stage maybe worth having their anal glands checked out as the smell can be hideous!!!

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Mixing two Brands of dry food
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