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 time the dogs are tied....

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PostSubject: time the dogs are tied....   Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:41 pm

having had a stud enquiry just now the lady is insistant her bitch needs at least a 40 min tie for pups - to which i tried to explain i cant garentee aything.... she said " but thats the dogs job" and we went from there- i told her to call else where!!!

this got me thinking and actually the shortest ties here seem to produce us puppies, and rumour has it a fellow breeder wont let there dogs tie ever....

our longest ever tie was 1h and 4mins .... this produced NO puppies , yet a bitch who basically refused stud a while back and poor diesel only had a couple mins before the bitch stepped up her anger produced 9 pups.....

any thoughts

Breeders of smooth coat st bernards
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time the dogs are tied....
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