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 When did your Saint's pregnancy 'show'

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PostSubject: When did your Saint's pregnancy 'show'   Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:07 am

This is following my doppler inquiries as well. I have tried 3x now to get an imported adult bitch pregnant, and am getting desperate now.

Today is day 40 of the pregnancy, and I cannot pick up anything with a doppler, and also no 'phisical' signs. So my question is, at what point do you guys 'see' a dog is pregnant even for a phantom pregnancy?

I had litters about 3 years back, and I 'thought' I remembered that one can 'see' clearly by 5 weeks. My last bitch was with my parents at the start of her pregnancy, so I cannot really say when she started 'showing'. THey (as novice people) could only 'see' that she was pregnant at around 6 weeks. It was a small litter.

So now I'm wondering, if a bitch is carrying a small litter, will it only 'show' later? Eg, from 6 weeks or so? I suppose a one litter pup won't let the mom look 'pregnant'/fat, but then at what stage did the teats make an udder?
And do they 'show' earlier with large litters?
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PostSubject: Re: When did your Saint's pregnancy 'show'   Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:20 pm

ive never seen anything before 5 weeks either x

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When did your Saint's pregnancy 'show'
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