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 Please be careful walking dogs on the hot roads/pavements

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PostSubject: Please be careful walking dogs on the hot roads/pavements   Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:18 pm

Summer Safety Tip: Watch out for hot asphalt or metal that can burn dog paws or at least make them terribly uncomfortable. We don’t see a lot of asphalt contact burn wounds up here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but dogs and people can and do get burn wounds from contact with hot asphalt. If you suspect asphalt or metal on the ground may be hot enough to make your dog uncomfortable, simply bend down and test the surface with the back of your hand. You should be able to press the back of your hand firmly into the asphalt or metal for seven seconds with no discomfort.

Many of us have had the experience of stepping barefoot onto a hot beach and then high-stepping quickly to a safe spot. Imagine if you were on the end of a leash being and not allowed to get off the hot sand. Under the worst conditions (i.e. no wind, no shade, direct sun, low humidity), asphalt temperatures have been measured at 143 degrees Fahrenheit when the ambient temperature was only 87 degrees. To put this in perspective, 140 degrees can cause skin damage to vulnerable areas in five seconds. Eggs can literally fry at 131 degrees.

If you have a repeated need to walk your dog over hot surfaces, booties may be the solution
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Please be careful walking dogs on the hot roads/pavements
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