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  St bernard with possible mites !!!

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PostSubject: St bernard with possible mites !!!   Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:16 am

Hi all i need some advice ... my furbabies are losing there fur ive taken them to the vets they're on antibiotics and there also treating them with advocate for mites though on the several skin scrapes couldn't find any thing !!! im using hibiscrub on there sore bits (as recommended by the vet ) they look such a mess bless um !! just wondered if anyone can recommend anything alongside what we've got from the vets to help with the itching and fur regrowth Im not a bad mum although i feel like it at the moment if i saw my dogs with me in the street i would be horrified !! also is there a safe anti histamine i can use on them to see if that helps with the itching ?
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St bernard with possible mites !!!
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