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 treats.......... deer antlers????

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PostSubject: treats.......... deer antlers????    Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:13 pm

we give all our dogs huge bones , however when the dogs are in the house they arent allowed the bones in, sometimes a bitch maybe in the house for a while expecting puppies and a normal "chew" wont last 5 mins !!!

sooooooo we were kindly given by Bebe a deer antler to try and what a hit!!! ok dexter runs about with it looking like a rhino sometimes but they are clean dont smell and arent bloody!!!

heres the bones they normally eat.... look at the bags full of bones in the background aswell..... not what i want in the house!!!

this is a much cleaner chew for in the house! ........... and in the summer i dont expect it will atract flies Very Happy


ebay sell them as do a few shops this way, they arent cheap or even free like our normal bones are however they are a great boredom buster for those who cant allow bloody bones in the house AND they last!

PS : NO deers are hurt in the shedding or the antlers.........
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PostSubject: Re: treats.......... deer antlers????    Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:14 pm

Ooh, what an interesting treat! Will order some on payday Very Happy
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treats.......... deer antlers????
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