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 demodex mange

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kim drury

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PostSubject: demodex mange    Wed Jan 18, 2012 9:56 am

i am posting this message in the hope that maybe someone who has a puppy from the same litter as my saint reads this as may need vet care... brought my saint from a couple named Coralie Mainwaring.and Stephen Paul Mainwaring in boston lincs in 2008. i only have papers on the dads side as i dident think it was important as had no interest in showing or breeding just a family pet. the full name of the sire is Gravenhowe Snoogy Bear and the dam, pompidor Masey girl Dencade.....the sire of him was snoshire ritchies rich with Chandlimore.....about 10 mths ago i took my saint to a vet who told me he was suffereing with allergys ie maybe food maybe pollen...after 9 mths of them treating him for this problem hes just got worst, i changed my vet at the end of november 2011 and things are now improving but very slowing the vet assures me that he has demodex mange and it is only passed on from the mother feeding the pups she also told me if my saint had been hand reared he would not have this problem now.its a awful nasty problem hes lost most of his rough coat and has open sores ,and his paws swell .its a very long and quite harsh treatment to get this under control .the other puppys from the litter will need treatment aswell. so i do hope that the other puppy owners read this and get the treatment they need . the breeders names i mentioned above are now A1 parrot rescue and breeding great danes.....and will not even answer my emails...
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PostSubject: Re: demodex mange    Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:40 pm

This is a VERY good article on Demodectic Mange - http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body_demodectic_mange.html It doesnt work quite like you described...

All dogs raised normally by their mothers possess this mite as mites are transferred from mother to pup via cuddling during the first few days of life. Most dogs live in harmony with their mites, never suffering any consequences from being parasitized. If, however, conditions change to upset the natural equilibrium (such as some kind of suppression of the dog's immune system), the Demodex mites may "gain the upper hand." The mites proliferate and can cause serious skin disease.
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demodex mange
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