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 BATH CH SHOW - St Bernard Critique

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PostSubject: BATH CH SHOW - St Bernard Critique   Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:12 pm


I was very disappointed in the young males as these are the next generation and more concern is that breeders are showing or allowing to be shown exhibits which are not up to standard and more importantly these exhibits are then bred on from. Please look after your breed it is precious. The amount of under and over shot bites were too many. Another concern was the size of exhibits when the breed has a minimum hight of 28 and 30 inches for bitches and dogs respectfully.
There were also some out of condition coats.

MPD (2,1)Placing withheld

PD (1) Placing withheld

JD (1) Placing withheld

PGD (7,1) What an improvement the exhibits in this class were. 1. Thomas' Finetime Special Edition. Good substance and balance with nice breed type. Head properties excellent as was the bite. Good eye colour and set. Movement from all angles very good. 2. Simpson's Saintjack I am the law. Not the quality of 1. Front movement satisfied and hind good. Shoulder placement could be better. Head properties pleased. 3. Lane's Lanebern The Magician

LD (5,1) 1. Poole, Nagrecha & Grainger's Poolsway Just William. Upstanding with substance and balance. Good tail carriage. Movement from front, rear and side excellent. Head, bite and eye excellent. Res. Dog CC 2. Bannister's Banndean Dancing Shadow - Head properties & bite satisfied. Good substance. Movement good both front and rear. 3. Withheld

OD (5,1)1. Muggleton's Bernmont Aldaniti - Typical Bernard of substance size & balance. Good tail carriage, Head of excellent size and shape with good proportions. Eyes good. Bite excellent Movement front and rear excellent. Dog CC 2. Simpson's Snowfordhill Nov Hercules. Not the quality of 1. Front assembly satisfied. Would of like a longer neck. Head pleased not as masculine as 1. 3. Nagrecha's Ch. Poolsway Big & Bold at Chandlimore.

MPB (2,1) 1 Cleugh's Chandlimore Song and Dance. Good size, substance and balance. Excellent conformation. Front and hind movement excellent for age. Head size & properties very good including the eyes and mouth bite. Best Puppy & Res. Bitch CC

JB (1) 1. Hau & Hyde's Wild N Wicked In Si Minore At Lakariboy (imp Ita) - Movement front & rear, Substance and balance very good. Head properties, eye & bite good.

PGB (7,2) 1. Lane's Saintjacks Pride Of Justice For Lanebern - What a showgirl! Excellent substance and head properties. General shape, neck & body condition very good. 2. Bannister's Banndean Dancers Shadow - Smaller than 1 but on size. Substance, movement, head properties and bite very good. 3 Farrell, Lamb & Nagrecha's Chandlimore Happy Go Lucky Lazeybear.

LB (6,1)1. Ward's Saintjacks Caught U Dreamin at Snoshire - Movement confirmed construction with good substance. All head properties and bite very good. 2. Farrell, Lamb & Nagrecha's Chandlimore Leaving Home with Lazeybear. Head properties good but smaller in size than 1 with good bite. Balance & substance very good. 3. Muggleton's Bernmont Valencia

OB (5,1) 1. Grainger & Nagrecha's Ch. Chandlimore Covergirl at Rosiemamy. Upstanding girl with style, shape, balance, size & substance excellent. Shape & proportions of head, eye and bite very good. Covered the ground with little effort showing excellent movement front & rear. Excellent tail carriage. Bitch CC & BOB Please to see this girl take Group 3 2. Grainger & Nagrecha's Ch. Chandlimore Pretty Please. Same general shape as 1 with movement very good. Head properties & bite good. 3. Ward's Ch. Snoshire Miss Marple

Melanie Reed-Peck
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BATH CH SHOW - St Bernard Critique
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