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PostSubject: CRUFTS CRITIQUE - ST BERNARDS   Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:09 pm

Issue: 25/03/2011


I would like to thank the owners for the good entry; on a general note most exhibits were turned
out very well and in good condition. I do feel, however, the need to pay extra attention to
mouths, especially size of teeth. Soundness seems to have improved since my last judging
appointment, although I do feel the breed overall is getting narrower through the framework and
generally the overall size appears to be getting smaller and lacking in bone. I was pleased with
the final outcome with both Dog and Bitch CC winners as these two exhibits were a good example
of our breed on the day. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs McDonald, as I understand this gave their
dog his third CC for his crown.

VD (2) 1 Swain' Ashton V D Burggrahoeve at Harlesford Imp. Ten year old dog very good shape,
moved better than a lot younger than him. Good front, shoulders and stifle - a credit to his owner.

SpPD (2) 1 McMurray's Alpentire My Bold King. 1 year old, good steady mover, good shoulders and
rear quarters, slightly narrow through the frame, all on good feet. Good shape head, with nice
dark eye and good bite. Well deserved Best Puppy. 2 Blin's Alpentire My Bold Hero. Brother to first
place, but not the movement. Has good body, head, clean eye, well off for bone and front.

SpJD (6,2) Thomas's Finetime Special Edition. A nice smooth with a good head, eye and mouth.
Level topline on the move, good shoulders and rear quarters. 2 Fisher's Finetime New Beginnings.
Good shaped head, rather deep set eye, with good body and feet; not the backend or movement
of 1st. 3 Simpson's Saintjacks I Am The Law. Nice dark dog, good shaped head, dark eye, well
turned out. Not the dentition of 1st or 2nd.

PGD (14,7) Sadler & Irvine's Grimoire Wizard of the Shire. Good shaped head, with clean eye and
good mouth. Well bodied with spring of rib. Moved out well, well presented. 2 Millward's Millvosis
Playboy. Lighter eye than 1st, and also not the movement of 1st. He had a good body shape,
good bone and was also well presented. 3 Butt's Chabanou Captain Cuttie. Not the head
properties of 1st and 2nd. Good shoulders but lacked in rear end drive.

LD (6,2) 1 Poole, Nagrecha & Grainger's Poolsway Just William. Good shaped dog who moved out
really well. Good bone, shoulders, turn of stifle and feet. Would have preferred a darker eye and a
heavier body to complete the picture. RCC. 2 Wilson's Saintjacks Justice Granted. Liked the type of
this one. Nice dark eye, good shaped head, in lovely condition, body. Just not the drive in the rear
end of 1st. 3 McLaughlan & Fitzsimmons' Coatham wata Performance at Lanleadane. Although
bigger than 1st and 2nd, not quite as sound. Good substance and well off for bone.

OD (11,2) 1 Macdonald's Chedham Rags to Riches JW. Well balanced dog. Beautiful head, with a
well defined stop, lovely dark eye, correct mouth. Good front, lots of heart room, well off for bone.
In excellent condition. Was pleased to hand him the CC which I understand now gives him his well
deserved crown. Congratulations. 2 Wilson's Saintjacks Out For Justice. A nice dog, in good order.
Moved out well, nice head, good eye, not the substance of 1st. 3 Aitken's Ch Harlesford Midnight
Mayhem at Eyeobe. Not the head or movement of 1st or 2nd. Was in good condition with level
topline and well off for bone.

Good Citizen Dog (1) 1 Wright's Snowfordhill Icy Storm ShCM. A four year old dog who moved out
really well. With good body, legs and feet. Was well presented and handled.

VB (4) Lyons & Grubb's Snowfordhill Winter Icicle. 8 year old sound bitch, in good condition. Moved
out really well, front and aft. Nice spring of rib. 2 Bannister's Snowfordhill Dancer at Banndean.
Another good bitch of good size with nice head and body. Good front and rear, shown in lovely
condition just preferred overall movement of 1st. 3 Friend's Kenmilfore Sugar Sweet. Just wanted
to play. Well presented in good condition.

SpJB (6,2) 1 Lane's Finetime Shady Lady by Lanebern. Smooth coated bitch who moved out really
well. Well up on her feet, strong pasterns and good shoulder placement, good body but would
have preferred a more rounded rib cage. 2 McKay's Chabanou Belle of the Ball. Good headed bitch
with a nice dark clean eye, correct bite. Well off for bone. Could change places with 1st at any
time, but today the 1st just moved out better. 3 Moore's Ourfairview Divine Denise. Nice shaped
bitch, in good condition, rounded spring of rib with plenty of heart room. Just would not move on
the carpet.

PGB (14,6) A good class in which the first three exhibits could change places at any show. 1
Macdonald's Chedham Million Dollar Baby. A well bodied bitch, well off for bone - good front and
rear angulations. Lovely dark head with correct eye and mouth, good stop and drop of lip
complete with lovely broad muzzle. Moved out well and in superb condition. 2 Lane's Saintjacks
Pride of Justice for Lanebern. Same comments as above, moved out well but preferred the head of
1st. 3 Butt's Droolakiss Patricia. Another nicely built bitch but just preferred the movement of 1st &

LB (9,1) 1 Wakelin & Parry's Carashon Bootylicious with Marlsted. Lovely headed bitch, lovely dark
mahogany in colour. Well off for bone, plenty of heart room. Nice shaped rear, moved out well and
was very well handled. 2 Farrell, Lamb, & Negrecha's Chandlimore Leaving Home with Lazeybears.
Not the head of the 1st, but an honest bitch who moved well on good strong quarters. In good
condition. 3 Lux's Poolsway Full of Life at Bernadino. Not the tallest of bitches, but has a good
head and body. Erratic in movement who needs to settle and be more steady when on the move.

OB (9,2) 1 Chronin & Negrecha's Ch Chandlimore Fly By Night Ir Jun Ch/JD. By far the best
presented on the day, outstanding solid bitch. Moved out really well, well muscled and moved with
drive. Very well off for bone, delightful dark eye in well rounded head with good dentition. BCC
just preferred the overall substance and body of the dog for best of Breed. 2 Grainger &
Negrecha's Ch Chandlimore Pretty Please. Two years younger than 1st, but still a very good bitch
for her tender years. Covered the ground well, with good shoulder placement, good turn of stifle.
Not the condition of 1st. 3 Farrell & Lamb's Ch Chandlimore Call the Tune for Lazeybears JW. A
nice bitch but not the quality of movement of 1st and 2nd. Good shaped body, with correct turn of
stifle. Nice shaped head with lovely dark eye.

Good Citizen Bitch (1) 1 Gibson's Poolsway Miss Grizzly Bear. A well presented bitch that moved

Paul Girling
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PostSubject: Re: CRUFTS CRITIQUE - ST BERNARDS   Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:28 pm

lovely judge i thought

and quite fair in his judging!

i walked out assuming ( having missed a few shows due to illness and kids and seasons) that it was olivers 2nd cc!!!! i didnt click until i got in the car it was his 3rd! Embarassed

well done everyone and a new champion! cheers

as a puppy i would have happily stole oliver and hid him in my coat not sure if i could hide him so well now! isnt it lovely to watch these young pups turn into champs!

cheri xxxx
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